NorWood Burito

tacos, wraps, Quesadilla

5:00 - 23:00 | 6 Yukon Drive Raeford, NC 28376 | (530) 625-9694

NorWood Burito

tacos, wraps, Quesadilla

Today working hours: 5:00 - 23:00


Chicken Taco (250g)
tortilla tortilla 16cm, chicken on a...
Taco with beef roasted meat (250g)
tortilla tortilla 16cm, veal minced...
Pork Taco (250g)
16cm tortilla cake, pork roast,...

Burrito In A Bowl

Burrito Vegetarian in a Bowl (450g)
rice, plate peppers, onion, red beans,...
Burrito with chicken in a bowl(450g)
chicken, rice, plate peppers, onion,...
Burrito with beef in a bowl (450g)
veal, rice, plate peppers, onion, red...
Burrito with pork in a bowl (450g)
pork, rice, plate peppers, onion, red...


Quesadilla with chicken
Cassadia with chicken - large chicken...
Quesadilla with veal
beef roast or minced meat, 2 pieces of...
Vegetarian Quesadilla
2pcs tortillas, plate peppers, plate...
Quesadilla with Pork
pork roast, 2 tortilla tortillas, plate...


Burrito with chicken
chicken on a plate, tortilla cake,...
Burrito with beef roast
veal or minced meat (specify), tortilla...
Burrito with pork
pork roast, tortilla bread, rice, plate...

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