Wendy Taco

yummy taco, wraps, fast food

5:00 - 23:00 | 6 Yukon Drive Raeford, NC 28376 | (530) 625-9694

Wendy Taco

yummy taco, wraps, fast food

Today working hours: 5:00 - 23:00


Quesadilla with chicken
Cassadia with chicken - large chicken...
Quesadilla with veal
beef roast or minced meat, 2 pieces of...
Vegetarian Quesadilla
2pcs tortillas, plate peppers, plate...
Quesadilla with Pork
pork roast, 2 tortilla tortillas, plate...

Burrito In A Bowl

Burrito Vegetarian in a Bowl (450g)
rice, plate peppers, onion, red beans,...
Burrito with chicken in a bowl(450g)
chicken, rice, plate peppers, onion,...
Burrito with beef in a bowl (450g)
veal, rice, plate peppers, onion, red...
Burrito with pork in a bowl (450g)
pork, rice, plate peppers, onion, red...


Chicken Taco (250g)
tortilla tortilla 16cm, chicken on a...
Taco with beef roasted meat (250g)
tortilla tortilla 16cm, veal minced...
Pork Taco (250g)
16cm tortilla cake, pork roast,...


Burrito with chicken
chicken on a plate, tortilla cake,...
Burrito with beef roast
veal or minced meat (specify), tortilla...
Burrito with pork
pork roast, tortilla bread, rice, plate...

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